Chapter Programs

Most monthly programs are open to both members and non-members. However, some will have space or venue limitations and will need pre-registration. Indoor programs will typically be held in the Fellowship Hall on the lower level of the Emmaus Baptist Church, 712 Linden Street N, Northfield, Minnesota. Parking is located on the south side of the church.

Chapter Program Schedule

Programs at Emmaus Church unless otherwise noted. We will not start indoor in-person meetings until it is safe to do so. Outside tour dates may change due to weather. 

Upcoming 2022 Programs

PLEASE NOTE: tour dates are subject to change.

June 16th, 7pm – Koester Prairie Tour – to be led by Dave Kuhnau.  Carpooling will be available.

Either meet us at the park by 7pm or at the Emmaus Church parking lot for carpooling. We will leave the church about 6:30pm. The prairie is on Lamb Avenue, about 2 miles south of Hwy 9 and just West of Dennison. The parking lot is on the left. If you want more exact directions, please contact Barb.

There are no maintained trails at the prairie. Though it is mostly fairly flat, there is one long hill that we will likely be climbing. Best to wear good hiking shoes and bring your walking sticks if you use some. Great birding spot! – feel free to bring your binoculars. We should see many early summer plants and wildflowers as well as several species of birds. Some sparrows, such as the Clay-colored Sparrow, hang out there.

July 14th, 5pm Lashbrook Park and Potluck picnic at 6:30 (Odd Fellows Park?), Ken Kirton.   We will plan to start our Lashbrook tour at 5pm then move to the picnic location for social time together.  Our chapter planted many native plants in 2020 in the park so we will have a chance to see those and many more.

Aug 11th, Bus trip – Whitewater State Park Native Garden tour, led by Joel Dunnette.  Joel Dunnette and the Friends of Whitewater State Park have created a native plant garden at the State Park.  We will have the opportunity to see the garden and more of the park.  The plan is to have a bus trip, if not we will carpool.  It will depend on people’s comfort with bus travel by August.

Sep 8th, 6pm – Dakota County Whitetail Park.  Carpooling will be available Whitetail park, NE of Farmington, is a beautiful park with prairies, a small lake, and woods.  Many birds and other wildlife make the park their home.  A Regional park naturalist will guide us on a tour of the prairies.

Oct 13th, 6pm(?) – “Identifying Fall and Winter Trees”, Breanna Wheeler – Hauburg Woods or in church.  Also Fall festival and desert/hors d’oeuvres potluck.  Breanna, director of River Bend Nature Center, Master Naturalist and Master Naturalist instructor, will help us learn to identify trees by their late fall or winter appearances.  If the weather permits it, we will see them at Hauburg Woods.  Otherwise she will present a slide show for us at the Emmaus Church.  We will follow the presentation with a munchies potluck and will vote on 2023 chapter officers.

Nov 10th, 7pm – Ducks and making Duck decoys, by Gary Bullemer.  Emmaus Church.  Gary Bullemer, retired from the DNR State Parks and from duck hunting, is an expert on our Minnesota ducks and has a passion for making duck decoys.  He will present on ducks and show us how to make duck decoys.  His decoys are very impressive!

Dec 8th, 11:30am Luncheon – location TBD

December – Nature watching where you are.   We would love to have all members just take a bit of time to look for birds and other wildlife from wherever you are and report back so we can tabulate the results and see what people are seeing out there.

Past 2022 Programs

January 13, 7pm  – Mushrooms: Delicious, Deadly and Fascinating!” By Laura Teele, via Zoom
Find more information on the presentation and questions/answers here.

February 10, 7pm “Landscaping with Native Plants”, by Cheryl Culbreth video, via Zoom, with Cheryl in attendance to answer questions
Here is a link to the presentation:   Landscaping with Native Plants – YouTube
If you wish to connect with Cheryl her email is:  [email protected]  Please make sure to note in the header line that you have a follow-up question or request, or whatever it is you are checking on.  Here is Cheryl’s landscape-restoration website:

March 10th, 7pm – Bringing back the Bluebirds, by Carrol Johnson via Zoom.

April 14th 7PM – “Landscaping with Edible Natives” – Pete Widin, via zoom.  If you missed Pete’s presentation you can find it on our Facebook page here.

May 5th, 6pm – Ephemerals Tour– Cannon River Park, led by Janet Petri.

May 21st, 9am-2pm – Emmaus Church Parking Lot – Nancy Schumacher

June 9th, 7pm – What’s coming up in my native garden?” – Nancy Schumacher

Past 2021 Programs

January 14th, 7pm:  A Guide to Restoring the Little Things – Doug Tallamy (Zoom Meeting)
If you missed Doug’s presentation you can find it here.

February 11th, 7pm:  On the Hunt for Northwoods Butterflies – Allison Barta (Zoom Meeting)
If you missed Allison’s presentation you can find it here.

March 11th, 7pm:  Planting a Pocket Prairie – Bre Bauerly (Zoom Meeting)
If you missed Bre’s presentation you can find it here.

April 8th, 7pm:  Botanical Wanderings – Mike Lynch (Zoom Meeting)
If you missed Mike’s presentation you can find it here.

April 22nd, 6pm:  Spring Ephemerals at Nerstrand Park – Led by Katie Gillispie

May 13th, 7pm: Jumping Worms – (Zoom Meeting)
If you missed the Jumping Worms presentation you can find it here.  The Q&A at the end will be from the original presentation, not our viewing of it.

May 22nd , 9am – 3pm: Northfield Prairie Partners Plant Sale
Emmaus Church parking lot, 712 N Linden St., Northfield, MN.

July 15th, 6:00 pm:  Native Garden tour in Northfield. 

August 12th, 6:30 pm:  Tour of River Bend Nature Center Prairie Lands.

September 1stButterfly Tagging at Ney Nature Center, Henderson, MN.

September 9th: St. Olaf Natural Lands Tour

October 14thShade Gardens: Native Plants and Ecological Benefits – (Zoom Meeting)

Nov 11th, 7pm:  Backyard Photography – Kevin Corrigan  (Zoom Meeting)

Dec 9th, 11am:  Lunch at St. Olaf Buntrock Commons